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Here is the best collection of the Love Status. There is a new trend of WhatsApp Love Status, people mostly share Love Status on WhatsApp to express their mood if they are sad, happy, tired, or in attitude or emotional state. We update these pages almost daily to provide the latest viral status videos for WhatsApp.

Our Website is the Latest Collection of Love Status, Hello people,  I think my country people spend most of the time with WhatsApp. I know that this is a really amazing app. Love  Video For  WhatsApp.

The lovers or couples love the romantic and love status, They share these things on WhatsApp as Status to express their love. Mostly we share Love WhatsApp Status and Quotes with our friends. Here I am providing a great collection of Love Status For WhatsApp. You can also share these Love Status Videos on FacebookInstagram, and other social sites.

Love Status

  • Love has no voice, It can be explained by eyes.
  • You are the best gift of my life, Your love is my life.
  • I don’t want to see anything without you my heart can’t beat without you, My Love.
  • You are the sweet memory of my Life, My Love.
  • I can’t live without you, I can’t breathe without you.
  • Love is the most precious gift given by God.
  • Yes, I’m selfish because I will never share you with anyone.
  • When I close my eyes I see you, when I open my eyes I miss you.

Love Status

  • You are the story of my life.
  • My love is not completed without you, Help me to make my love complete.
  • Do The Math. Me+You= Love.
  • You Are What I Need In My Life.
  • You Are Just Memory Of My Love.
  • I Love Things That Makes You Happy.
  • Love Has No Age No Limit & No Death.
  • I Pinky Promise I Will Love You Forever.
  • When Love Is Not Madness, It Is Not Love.
  • You Are The Light Of My Life. I Love You.
  • Love When You’Re Ready, Not You’re Lonely.
  • The Good Things In Life Are Better With You.
  • You Are The Guy All My Love Quotes Are About.
Love Status
Love Status
  • If I Know What Is Love, It Is Because Of You.
  • Love Is Just Love, It Can Never Be Explained.
  • Even On Bad Days, I’ll Still Be Happy With You.
  • You Are The Perfect Combination Of Sexy & Cute.

Whatsapp Status Love

  • I love you not only for what you are but what I am when I’m with you.
  • If I Know What Is Love, Just Because Of You.
  • My life starts with your name and it will end in your arms. (My Love)

Love Status

  • Your sweet smile becomes my addiction.
  • When I Look into your eyes I forget my all sadness.
  • Love + Trust + Loyalty = Unbreakable Relationship.
  • If You Really Love Someone, Don’T Tell Them. Show Them.
  • We Fal In Love By Chance. We Stay In Love By Choice.
  • I can’t express my feelings but I can’t leave without you.
  • You are my first wish, You are my first love.
  • I can’t live without you, This is the voice of my heart.

Whatsapp Status Love

  • Your face just like Moon, Your hair Just like night, your eyes are an ocean, you are my first Love.
  • We forget the whole world after seeing these eyes.
  • When you touch my body, my body smells like a rose.

Love WhatsApp Status

  • The pain of love Is Sweet, This beautiful pain is everything for Me.
  • You Are My Best Reason To Lose Sleep. I Love You, Babu.
  • True Love Never Dies. It’s Only Get Stronger With Time.

Love WhatsApp Status

  • True love has a habit of coming back.
  • How beautiful God made you, Heart keeps looking
  • I lost my senses since I saw you.
  • When I write a book on love I will write you a rose.
  • You looking most amazing, wonderful, fantastic, smart, charming, dazzling…
  • I always pray to God to tie us in a sacred knot so that we spend each and every moment together.
  • Life becomes beautiful with you My Love.
  • If you expect something in return, It’s called business, not love.
  • The person who loves you truly is the most precious thing in your life.
  • I didn’t choose you, My heart did.
  • I have tested all sweet dishes but they are not as sweet as my lover is.
Love WhatsApp Status
Love WhatsApp Status
  • If a hug tells how much I love you, I would hold you in my arms forever.
  • All love stories are beautiful but ours is my favorite.
  • Love is the seventh sense which destroys all other 6 senses.
  • I like it when you smile but I love when I m the reason.
  • We are made for each other (Love You Jaan).
  • Calling Me Cure Is Nice. Calling Me Hot Is Great But Calling Me Yours Is All I Want.
  • Love Is A Strange Thing. It Can Make Weakest Person Strong & Strongest Person Weak.
  • If I have only one coin left in the world,I will buy a rose to propose to you.
  • The beginning of all the knowledge and passion in love starts with one thing: a loving heart.

Love Feeling Status

  • Love When You Are Ready, Not When You Are Lonely.
  • Everyone Has An Addiction, Mine Just Happens To You.
  • Love + Trust + Loyalty = Unbreakable Relationship
  • When I Look Into Your Eyes I Tend To Lose Thoughts.
  • Love Is All, Love Is New/ Love Is All, Love Is You.
  • If You Really Lovesome, Don’T Tell Them. Show Them.
  • We Fall In Love By Chance. We Stay In Love By Choice.
  • I Love You More Than I Ever Found A Way To Say To You.
  • You Are My Best Reason To Lose Sleep. I Love You, Babu.
  • I’m Lover Not A Fighter But I’ll Fight For What I Love.
  • Love Is When I Find Reason To Live. That Reason Is You.
  • True Loves Never Dies. It’s Only Get Stronger With Time.
  • You Have No Idea How Fast My Heart Beats When I See You.
Love Feeling Status
Love Feeling Status
  • You Don’t Mean Anything To Me. Ou Mean Everything To Me.
  • You’Re My Strength But Loving You Is My Biggest Weakness.
  • You Give Me The Type Of Feeling, People Write Novels About.
  • You Are The First & Last Thing On Y Mind Each & Every Time.
  • Love Is Just Word Until Someone Special Gives It A Meaning.

True Love Status

  •  If Explanation Are Needed Then What Is The Meaning Of Trust.
  • You Are Y Life. You Are The Only Thing It Would Hurt To Lose.
  • A Hundred Hearts Would Be Too Few To Carry All My Love For You.
  • No Matter How Sad You May Be, Believe That Happiness Is Waiting.
  • You’Re My Everything. Everything Else Is Just…..Everything Else.
  • In You, I Have Found The Love Of My Life & Y Closest Truest Friend.
  • I Am Not With You My Love But Will Always Be Lingering Around You.
  • Love Is Like Game. Some People Cheat & Some Prefer To Play It Fair.
True Love Status
True Love Status
  • I Fell In Love With The Way You Touched Me Without Using Your Hands.
  • I Love It When I Catch You Looking At Me Then You Smile & Look Away.
  • My Love Is Not Completed With You. Help Me To Make My Love Complete.
  • I Know I’m Not Your First Love But I Hope I Will B The Last For You.
  • I Love You Not Only For What You Are But What I Am When I’M With You.
  • Attraction Is The Temporary Love But Love Is The Permanent Attraction.
  • I Love Our Story. Sure It’S Messy, But It’s The Story That Got Us Here.
  • Love Is Life Wi-Fi, You Can’T See It, But You Know When You’Ve Lost It.
  • Missing Someone Is Your Heart’s Way Of Reminding You That You Love Them.
  • True Love Is Falling Star ….We Don’t Know How When & Where It Happens.
  • Every day Of My Life Is Perfect Because It Starts & Ends With Loving You.
  • I’m Technically Single By My Heart Is Taken By Someone I Can’T Call My Own.
  • We Can Not Fall In Love For The Second Time If We Really Fell Out Of Love.
  • One Day They’Ll Realize They Lost A Diamond While Playing With Worthless Stones.
  • You Are My Life, You Are My Hopes, You Are My Inspiration, You Are My Everything.

True Love Status

  • If You Are Always Trying To Be Normal, You Will Never Know How Amazing You Can Be.
  • Love Is A Strange Thing. It Can Make Weakest Person Strong & Strongest Person Weak.
  • Calling Me Cure Is Nice. Calling Me Hot Is Great But Calling Me Yours Is All I Want.
  • For Once, I Don’t Have To Try To Be Happy Because When I’m With You Is Just Happens.
  • No Matter How Much You Try, There’S No Resisting Love. If It Has To Happen, It Will.
  • I’D Like To Run Away From You, But If You Didn’T Come And Find Me……..I Would Die.
  • It Takes Millions Of People O Make The Word. But Mine Is Completed With One & Its’ You.
  • I Think We’Re Just Gonna Have To Be Secretly In Love With Each Other & Leave It At That.
  • Most People Have A Harder Time Letting Themselves Love Than Finding Someone To Love Them.
  • Love Means Exposing Yourself To The Pain Of Being Hurt, Deeply Hurt By Someone You Trust.
  • To Love Someone Deeply Gives You Strength. Being Loved By Someone Deeply Give You Courage.
  • I Want To Grow Old With You And Be Able To Say That I Have Lived An Amazing Life With You.
  • When You Love Someone More Than They Deserve, Surely They Will Hurt More Than You Deserve.

Love Status in English

  • God made you just for me.
  • Please come and Give me a Kiss, No Now I am a Miss

Love Status in english

  • When I saw you, I feel that I get a new life.
  • In front of my eyes near my heart, someone lives that’s you.
  • What I say about my condition, I will die without you.
  • come and hug me, the fire you set, My whole body is burning in the fire of love.
  • He loves death, she loves life, he lives for her, she dies for him…
  • We live once we die once love happens even once.
  • If you are not interested then don’t cheat her… Better leave her.
  • Thinking of you is easy, I do it every day. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away.
  • My heart is perfect because.. you are inside.
  • Love is just a word until someone special gives it a meaning.
  • When I think about you, Millions of flowers bloom in my heart…
  • I want you today and tomorrow and next week and for the rest of my life.
  • Love is not about how much you say “I love you” but how much you can prove that it’s true.
  • Why am I so afraid to lose you when you’re not even mine?
  • Your love is moonlight my heart is your home.
  • I saw the whole world but Didn’t see a girl more beautiful than you
  • Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.
  • If I could be with you in my dreams. I would never wake up.
  • When I talk to you I fall in love over and over again.
  • You are the only clock that’s ticking in my heart.
  • Love is like an Air. We can’t see it but! we can feel it.

True Love Status

  • I will love you forever until the end of time! No matter what you do! Cause you are mine forever.
  • You are one of those beautiful things that happened to my life and made my life worthwhile
  • Every friendship doesn’t change into love but every love begins with friendship.
  • I always pray to God to tie us in a sacred knot so that we spend each and every moment together.
  • Don’t love too much, don’t care too much, don’t trust too much; because that too much can hurt you too much.
  • Insomnia can be a blessing if you have someone to talk with, the whole night.

Love Status in Hindi

  • कहीं यादों का #मुकाबला हो तो बताना जनाब..!!
    *”हमारे पास भी किसी की यादें , *बेहिसाब* होती जा रही है…!!!
  • बड़े अजीब तरीके से तुमने मुझे बाँटा है..!!
    मैं तेरे हिस्से में कम…तू मेरे हिस्से में ज्यादा है..!!
  • एक तुम को अगर चुरा लूँ मैं, हाय !
    सारा जमाना गरीब हो जाये…!!
  • किसी की
    हिचकियों के हिस्सा बनियें
    सिसकियों के नहीं😢
  • धड़कने मेरी बेचैन रहती है आजकल,
    क्यूंकि तेरे बगैर ये धड़कती कम और तड़पती ज्यादा है.
Love Status in Hindi
Love Status in Hindi
  • जरुरी नहीं☝ की प्यार❤ हमेशा किसीकी शक्ल👱‍♀ से ही हो,,,,
    कभी कभी किसीके #N�TuR�😌 से भी प्यार❤ हो जाता है..
  • तेरा नजरिया मेरे नजरिये से अलग था,
    शायद तूने वक्त गुजारना था और हमे सारी जिन्दगी.
  • ढूढ़ने चले हो हमसे बेहतर दोस्त,*_
    *_तलाश हमसे शुरू होगी।_*
    *_लेकिन ख़त्म ज़िंदगी भर ना होगी।
  • तुम चाहे कितने भी बिजी हो ,
    एक पल …
    मुझे सोच कर मुस्कुराते तो होंगे 😊😊
  • हजारो जवाब सोच रखे थे मेरे दिल ने*
    *काश कभी तुमने पूछ लिया होता इतना प्यार क्यूँ करते हो
  • मेरी गुस्ताखियों को तुम माफ़ करना ….
    मै तुम्हें तुम्हारी इजाजत के बिना भी याद करता हू
  • कौन 👤कहता 🤨 है कि तुम्हारी 👩 तस्वीर 🌄 बात नहीं करती, 😞
    हर_सवाल 🗣️ का जवाब 💬 देती है बस_आवाज़ 🥄 नहीं करती ।।
  • हम तो फना हो गए उनकी आँखे देखकर,
    ग़ालिब ना जाने वो आइना कैसे देखते होंगे !!

Love Status in Hindi

  • मैं, उस के पास कभी, देर से गया ही नहीं..
    उसे ख़बर ही नहीं.. क्या है इंतज़ार का ग़म।
  • इस नाज़ुक दिल में किसी के लिए इतनी मोहबत आज भी है यारो. .
    की हर रात जब तक आँखे ना भीग जाये नीद नही आती.
  • उन्हें शिकायत है हमसे, की हम
    हर किसी को देखकर मुस्कुराते हैं|
    नासमझ वो क्या जाने, हमें तो
    हर चेहरे में वो ही नजर आते हैं||

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