Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day WhatsApp Status Video Download

This Monday, on the 8th of March, as we all know is International Women’s Day. We are sharing the best collection of women’s day status Videos for WhatsApp.

The day is remembered and hence celebrated for the roles played by women of Russia in 1917. With low wages and unversed working twelve- or thirteen-hour days in dirty, unhealthy conditions, the women demanded solidarity and insisted on the action from men, especially those working in skilled engineering and metal factories who were regarded as the most politically conscious and socially powerful of the city’s workforce.

The revolt called out for demand for fair human rights, disregard of societal gender discrimination. This marked the voices of women, to be heard out loud and with respect. And that is what this day holds its value for, rising above these linings of genders or any of such kind and looking forward with better clarity to the needs of humans.

Women’s Day is to bring clarity, defying the idea of differences. We celebrate here it with sharing some Women’s Day Status Video for all the ladies out there, who are more of a human than just a woman. Share it with them, and make them realize that they will always be heard, just as humans. In case if any of them is doubting it somewhere in her head

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